September 24

One of the perks of being an Elite Yelper is the awesome events you get to attend! Yelp gave me tickets to see the OC Auto Show, and bring two friends with me to enjoy it too. They reserved a section in the back by the exotic cars, served champagne and vodka to enhance the night, and let us mosey around looking at pretty cars! I took my friend Ali, who is dying to get a look [and drive on Sat] at the Ford Mustang. He talked me through a lot of the cars, which made the experience much more fun, and of course, we took tons of pics.

lamborghinis were right next to the Yelp event, so we got to see it first


. lexus supercar .


 awesome ford mustang .. boss.





one of the biggest shockers…ali loving the new beetle


 the most awesome jetta ever

 i have a soft spot in my heart for infiniti


Yelp swag!


some photos of me in the beamer when I had my hands full with champagne *_*



the camaro