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March 10

Went skiing for the first time in about 2 years today. Like riding a bicycle. I went with some great people and also got to meet some new great people. We went to the local mountains here in Southern California, Mountain High Ski Resort and enjoyed a perfect day of skiing/snowboarding.























I was invited to my friend Amber’s baby shower this weekend. Her friends Kat, Brittney, and Sabrina threw her the cutest baby shower at Spring Tea Time in downtown Fullerton. They served us delicious Wild Berries and Orange tea, cranberry scones with clotted cheese and jam, and finger sandwiches with fruit. It was a lovely shower and I was so happy to be a part of it.  The girls played baby games, tried on all the awesome hats that the venue had on location, and Amber opened all the wonderful baby shower gifts with some aid from her little helpers.










































November 24

Here are some pictures I got friends to take of me in Atlanta. I bought a gorgeous mustard colored sweater when I arrived, and it pairs really well with pretty much everything I brought with me. We hiked up Kennesaw Mountain so it was a little too hot for the sweater on the way up. But on the way down, it got a bit more chilly when the sun was about to set, so the sweater went back on!

 banana republic mustard sweater, express teal blue pants

 banana republic shirt, rockin republic jeans, aldo boots, kelly moore posey bag 2

August 06

We redeemed a gift from Leanne way back from Christmas. We took a boat cruise out on the harbor, and brought some nice champagne, wine, beers and cheese. Talks of travels, friendships, and the future….

[these were mostly taken by Paul Sargeant of Sargeant Photography, edited by me…it’s hard being the only boy on the boat! hahaha]

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August 03

My best friend turned 30 this last weekend, and a few of us got together for a French themed wine tasting party. It was so much fun, especially since everyone got in the spirit and dressed up. I even got Paul, who just came home from a 60 miles bike ride, to wear one of my striped shirts and be a french artist! The three of us [Kat, Leanne, and I] all dressed as Parisians of course, and drank the night away. I actually lost my voice completely due to this extravaganza but it was worth the sacrifice!!!

As for these photos, i cannot take credit for all of them. The camera got passed around many times and so this is just a collaboration of great friends and artists. I’m pretty sure a lot of these images were taken by myself, Leanne Roberson Sargeant of Sargeant Photography, and Amber Newsome, a great landscape photographer in her own right.






















Leanne brought out her Goose, the best polaroid camera ever. We took some crazy shots, one of which I am waiting on to be scanned, because I totally photobombed it. The best thing about this camera is the old school way you have to pull out the film, it is just too fun. She let me do it a couple times and here is a shot of her pulling out the image from the camera!
















I went to visit some friends last week out in Chino Hills. We went shooting, had dim sum, and then came back to the house for some much needed pooltime fun. I didn’t take the camera out until the kids got in the pool, but they didn’t loose an ounce of energy all day long.

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I met a really vibrant kid named Nate the other day. I snapped a few pics of him for his Grammie while he was outside playing in the yard. He is such a ham!

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April 08

My friend Johnny is going to find the cure to Alzheimer’s one day. He invited my cousin and I to San Diego for a weekend of fun since he is going to present his speech at the convention center. We had a wonderful weekend filled with some epic breakfast joints, namely Hash House a Go Go, and Snooze.

 san diego winds

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