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July 24

We did your quarterly visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens again last week. Some new exhibits came out, but the old ones are also now in full bloom and beautiful. botanicalsummr01






atlanta botanical gardens














botanicalsummr18 botanicalsummr19 botanicalsummr20 botanicalsummr21



Yep, I’m bored today. I mean, I have about a million things to do and 3 projects in the works, but I cannot get the creative juices going. I was feeling blah all day, and I finally just had it. I put on some powder, pulled on a pair of comfy jeans, and took the tripod outdoors. Sometimes, I like to do these self portraits to put things back in perspective. It’s different than taking a look in the mirror. It’s like seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, through a photographer’s eyes. Taking self portraits that are not camera “selfies” is a little challenging, especially on a DSLR where the focus will not be correct if you’re not in front to meter and focus. I took a light stand, and placed it in the spot where I would pose. It took a couple tries to get the focus and height correct, but it’s a good exercise to do. You have to compose the image without the subject, and on top of that, you have to pose yourself once you’re in front of the camera!









Happy Birthday to one of the best girls I know. I’ve known Tamara for over 10 years, and now that I’m in Atlanta close by her, we get to hang out all the time. Her husband threw a great poker party with her closest friends and we all had the best time learning / playing poker. We have to do this more often even when there are no birthdays! The pictures are a hot mess and combination of everyone grabbing my camera throughout the night, but I did manage to snap some fun pics since Amine brought over the rope lights to hang out on the balcony while we smoked some arguileh.


 anyone going to sing me a birthday song? ;)




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March 20

We went back to Panama City Beach [PCB] again this past weekend because we just couldn’t get enough of it. A different beach front condo called to us, and we were so happy to be back at the beach again. We got there right when spring break was happening, so it was fun to see the difference in atmosphere the moment we arrived. When I got out of my car at the beach house, a loud “wooooooot!!!!” came out of nowhere, and I was turning in circles trying to figure out where it came from. A few moments later, it came again, and we realized that it was from the vespa drivers on the road, saying hello to everyone they drove by.


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March 03

I found this coffee shop on Yelp so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring the shop and it’s nearby regions. Amine knew there would be some hiking trails nearby, but we didn’t realize that the coffee company is located right on the edge of the river. The view is stunning, and the trails start right outside the coffee shop. We ended up staying through twilight although it was freezing outside. We also practiced with low light portraits and hdr, but I’m all about the beautiful portraits than the HDR effects.






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This morning, we took a 5k walk around Dunwoody. It was 35 degrees outside, and some light sprinkling, but we were adamant on this walk. We’ve been telling ourselves that we need to do this every morning, but it’s so hard to get out of my comfy and warm bed. Not to mention it’s been FREEZING here in Atlanta! This past week warmed up a bit during the day, so I finished a lot of home projects. I even got 2 frames for my two most important paintings, and I feel like that have a flow with frame collecting now. Now that home projects are winding down [because I'm broke], the gym has to get back on my schedule. The walks help a lot of but I need more cardio, so I’m going to look for a zumba class stat!


Let me tell you about the trees and the birds…just kidding. I know nothing about these neck of the woods. I’m still in pleasant shock that I was basically “hiking” through the forest while in the city.





We went for a little hike at Overlook Park near Morgan Falls. It was a beautiful day outside, so everyone was outside playing soccer, paddle boarding on the lake, and having picnics. We took the camera out with matching 50mm lenses, and just people watched for a few hours and then went to get lunch at Las Tortas Locas.

At Overlook Park, we stopped to have a mini photo lesson, and I took some fun double exposure shots of Amine while he was focusing on his shots.




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February 04

We spent one of the days in Rosemary Beach, Florida. I have to say, I really really love this little town. We are going to come back for a weekend and get a little place on the beach here. The town is so quaint and old, I just love photographing it. The kids came with us to hang out, and it was a good time had by all!
































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