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September 11

I’ve been on the hunt for an amazing leather tote all summer. I’ve been traveling a lot and the need for it grew and grew. I checked out so many…Madewell, JCrew, Etsy, and a few others. They are all amazing….but this one takes the cake on first sight. I saw it on Pinterest and I went directly to the site. I watched all the videos offered, looked into the tanning process, and bought it a week later when I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The minute I opened the box, the beautiful leather smell sold me. I absolutely love the color of the leather, a deeper brown than I anticipated, but very beautiful. The Whipping Post logo is understated which is what I really wanted and the size was quite big, fitting everything I have into one convenient bag.






whippingpost05 whippingpost06



August 25

Poker nights are a lot of fun. Everyone comes over, and we all stay up so late, chatting, eating, and of course, playing poker. I’ve only played once or twice since I’ve been here, but it’s going to become a regular thing now that everyone is pretty much getting the hang of it. Sometimes, it’s just the adults if babysitters can be found, other times, it’s whoever isn’t able to play the round! It’s always so much fun and the kids get a kick out of seeing each other after a long week of school!



























pokernight11 pokernight12
















It’s been quite  awhile since I’ve done an outfit post! Since it’s so hot, I’ve just been living in my denim shorts and rotation of awesome Madewell white tees. Today there was no humidity when I woke up, the first I’ve seen this summer. I took advantage of it and got Amine out to Brook Run Park for this shoot when the sun started to set. He was quite enthusiastic since he’s learning about photography and he wanted to practice with the composition, lighting, and manual settings.

Back to the outfit! This skirt is the Wendy full length skirt from Space46Boutique. They’ve only launched this past year, but have been a huge hit all over the blogosphere. I saw it on Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook first, and thought that it was just phenomenal. It goes with so many different things, and can be styled in so many ways. I’ve worn it to a artistic Southern California wedding with an American Apparel black long sleeve bodysuit, I’ve worn it with a white tee shirt, and here, with a vintage bra crop top I found at Rag O Rama.






























July 24

We did your quarterly visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens again last week. Some new exhibits came out, but the old ones are also now in full bloom and beautiful. botanicalsummr01


atlanta botanical gardens

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Yep, I’m bored today. I mean, I have about a million things to do and 3 projects in the works, but I cannot get the creative juices going. I was feeling blah all day, and I finally just had it. I put on some powder, pulled on a pair of comfy jeans, and took the tripod outdoors. Sometimes, I like to do these self portraits to put things back in perspective. It’s different than taking a look in the mirror. It’s like seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, through a photographer’s eyes. Taking self portraits that are not camera “selfies” is a little challenging, especially on a DSLR where the focus will not be correct if you’re not in front to meter and focus. I took a light stand, and placed it in the spot where I would pose. It took a couple tries to get the focus and height correct, but it’s a good exercise to do. You have to compose the image without the subject, and on top of that, you have to pose yourself once you’re in front of the camera!









Happy Birthday to one of the best girls I know. I’ve known Tamara for over 10 years, and now that I’m in Atlanta close by her, we get to hang out all the time. Her husband threw a great poker party with her closest friends and we all had the best time learning / playing poker. We have to do this more often even when there are no birthdays! The pictures are a hot mess and combination of everyone grabbing my camera throughout the night, but I did manage to snap some fun pics since Amine brought over the rope lights to hang out on the balcony while we smoked some arguileh.


 anyone going to sing me a birthday song? ;)




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March 20

We went back to Panama City Beach [PCB] again this past weekend because we just couldn’t get enough of it. A different beach front condo called to us, and we were so happy to be back at the beach again. We got there right when spring break was happening, so it was fun to see the difference in atmosphere the moment we arrived. When I got out of my car at the beach house, a loud “wooooooot!!!!” came out of nowhere, and I was turning in circles trying to figure out where it came from. A few moments later, it came again, and we realized that it was from the vespa drivers on the road, saying hello to everyone they drove by.


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March 03

I found this coffee shop on Yelp so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring the shop and it’s nearby regions. Amine knew there would be some hiking trails nearby, but we didn’t realize that the coffee company is located right on the edge of the river. The view is stunning, and the trails start right outside the coffee shop. We ended up staying through twilight although it was freezing outside. We also practiced with low light portraits and hdr, but I’m all about the beautiful portraits than the HDR effects.






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